We are living in a different world and I have been working to follow all the new rules and suggestions and just wanted to update our customers of our lockets, cases and other items,

First I want to explain that everything already on the site and items I will be posting in the new few days and weeks have all been manufactured by us, finished and packaged before this virus existed and have been sitting safe and secure in our factory. Since we all staying in place it has given me the opportunity to count and catalog these items and I will start to post them on this site. I have not purchased any new metal in the recent months and will hold off until I am sure it is safe to do so and therefore not everything we manufacture will be available until then.

About our factory–Our business is located out in the country in a renovated chicken coop where no one with the exception of myself and my son has entered the building and we live around the corner from the factory on a farm where we have isolated ourselves during this crisis. Our local post office and bank is in between our farm and our factory so we can fully function in a 1.6 mile radius.

Since many of our customers either work from home or from a small studio this is an opportunity to stay in business while we all stay safe which staying safe is our primary concern–staying safe, washing hands etc.

Post any questions and I respond. My prayers and stay safe concerns out to everyone.